Thursday, August 12, 2010

Arrived in Peru Mission Training Center

August 12, 2010

Hey everybody!!! I made it to Peru safely :) I hope you got the messages I left you from the airport. Sorry I could not call from the ATL airport. I did not have enough time. The flight down here was good and I love it in Peru! On the way on the Plane in Salt Lake my comp and I talked to a lady and told her about the gospel, she had some good questions but we did not sit by her on the plane and did not teach her more. But the Book of Mormon that I had in my carry on, we gave to a young women sitting nearby and a letter about the gospel. We only talked to her for about 10 min but it was great. When we got to ATL this guy who was also flying to Lima came and asked me a question about if we needed to pick up our bags somewhere to move them to the new plane. He was speaking in Spanish at first but he spoke better English then I did Spanish. Ha ha, but before we got on the plane he had a Libro de Mormon and had pretty much heard the entire first lesson! Another set of missionaries passed out another Libro de Mormon to a young lady also going to Lima on the same plane as us.

On the plane my comp and I and another missionary got to know this women and she was American but we taught her the first lesson also but not with a whole lot of success but I am so excited to do the work! We got in Lima just after 11 PM. the time change is only 2 hours ahead because they do not use daylight savings time( imagine that) I am on the third floor in room 306. There are 6 of use to a room, 3 North Americans and 3 Latinos. My new companion is Elder Espinoza and my roommates are Elders Guthrie (again), Essig, Santos, and I do not remember the other Latinos name. They all got here this morning between 7 and 8. We got to the CCM (MTC) at about 2 in the morning. The food here is great! The people are great! I LOVE IT!!!!! I am so excited I do not even have words to describe it. This is more than I could have even hoped for. My Companion now does not speak English at all but I can still communicate with him pretty well. Out of the Latinos in our room mine speaks the least English (none) Elder Santos speaks a little and the other one speaks a fair amount. I had a good conversation with the three of them while the other 2 North Americans were in interviews. My Spanish is very simple but we can talk to each other and get things across. I am so excited and know I will learn the language a hundred times faster here. Breakfast was good and lunch was amazing!!! The food here is better than in Provo for sure! The Juice is heavenly and the rest is awesome too. I love you all! I know that the Lord has guided me here for a reason and that as I stay obedient I will fulfill those things He wants me to do. Sorry for not writing more but I am running out of time. I will write letters also but they only get sent out on Mondays and I do not know if dear elder works here or what my address is. I am doing great! You do not have to worry about me at all. I am so happy to be here in Peru! I love you so much and look forward to serving the Lord.

Con amor,

Elder Divis

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the blog. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more. Sounds like he is doing just fantastic! It's so wonderful.