Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dustin's first letter

July 22, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you and I’m doing well. The first day was wonderful and I’m already learning a ton! My district is made up o 9 elders going to Mexico and my companion and I are the only ones going to Peru. The 9 will be here 9 weeks and us 2 will only be here 3 weeks. I was made the “senior” comp. today, if that means anything. My P-day is Wednesday and I can e-mail then. I’ve learned how little I know but its good. We learned how to pray in Spanish. I’m taking notes like I have never taken notes before and I’ve been busy. Our schedule is a little different these first 4 days so it’s weird but I think once I get into the schedule completely it will be easier. The elder in my district are great, all very spiritual. I LOVE MY COMPAINION! His name is Elder Guthrie. He knows what he’s doing and we get along very well. He’s from Pocatello, ID.19years old. We’re in a room that hasn’t been used for months. People say someone died here. I don’t believe them. I’ll send you pictures rather than try and explain it, my room that is. Live had fun, laughed a lot, but learned more. My zone leaders are great and we met the counselors of the branch pres. The Pres is on vacation but will be back Tuesday. Tell everyone that the address on facebook is correct and that I’ll try and write them. You are my first priority! Hope you had fun in Canada. Ask questions because I don’t know what to include in these letters. There is so much going on. I love you so much. I’m grateful for all the long FHE’s and studies of PMG and the scriptures and the gospel. My estimated departure date is 11 Aug. 2010. They will give me the lasts Hep A&B shot the week before I leave. The beds aren’t too bad; I’ve only hit my head like 10 times on the bunk above me ha ha ha. I love it here and I can’t wait to get to Peru!


Elder Dustin Divis

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