Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dustin's August 25th Letter

August 25, 2010

Hey everybody,

My week has been great! Thanks for the “DearElders”, Aunt Lyn they are great. All of my “DearElder” letters are now being sent to my email which I don´t really like cause it takes time away from me e-mailing so Mom you should just send e-mails and everyone else can still use “dear elder” for the rest of mission I think. I´ll send a letter to you guys with my mission home address for when I’m in the field.

Three elders in our district here are leaving next week for the Field!!!! They are leaving because they all took a ton of Spanish before they came and could speak as well as I can now before they got to the MTC. So they got moved to a different class and get to leave next week. I still have four weeks here but the weeks are flying by. I’ve already been gone for a month and it feels like no time. Hope you all enjoy the pictures I sent. I have tons more but it was taking too long to send them. I am doing great here. every Saturday here in Peru we get to go out into the city of Lima and contact people and help re-activate members. So this Saturday was the first time I got to go out in the city, more than just to the temple and back. We went to the ghetto of Lima, which is super poor. The rich areas look poor here but I love it. There are a million dogs everywhere and it was way cool to walk around the city and talk to people. My Spanish is getting better and better every day. At first I could understand the just of conversations sometimes and now I can actually understand a good part of a lot of conversations. I have a ton to learn and when it gets late in the day it is harder for me to understand cause my brain is beat. Elder Espinoza leaves next week and I get a new companion. I don´t know if he will be Latino or not but I hope he is. I learn Spanish so much faster with a Latino comp.}

What Cameron says in his letters is so true. I never know exactly what to write because I cannot distinguish between what I wrote in my journal or what I’ve already told you guys. And it is also true that Peruvians are very prideful and think that there Spanish is the best and they are not punctual at all but I learn to live with it. I am so excited for the next 2 years out here on my mission! It is great to hear all that is going on back home. I love the pictures and emails that James and Audra send me. They are great. It’s great to hear that you are doing great mom :) thanks for the scriptures about the Spirit. That’s awesome that Dad and Jeff are working on the house. Hopefully it will be done by the time I get home!!!

Also, yesterday Elder Kaites came. He is 2nd in command over all the 14 foreign MTC´s in the world and while my companion and I were practicing teaching he came in and was our investigator so we talk to him! My companion was super nervous and I was just hoping my Spanish was understandable but it all seemed to go well. It was a good experience and then later that night we had a devotional with him. This was all yesterday I think. Say hi to everyone and let them know I am doing well. I love you all and appreciate all your support.


Elder Dustin Divis

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