Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 6th Letter



Dear Mom,

Thanks for sending the shoes! I got them today. I still haven’t seen Cory yet.  I’m still doing well. I still would like Elder Riley Peper’s address. I love you Mom! This is a great experience. So many Elders talk of home and what they would be doing if they weren’t on a mission and I can think of no place better to be. I miss you guys but I don’t wish I was at home doing something else. My comp is not very punctual so that has been stressful but not bad. I am learning a lot about myself, the gospel, Spanish and people. I’m grateful for my opportunity to live in Spokane the last year and I love you and the entire family so much. Hope all is well. I pray for you daily. Thanks again for being an awesome mom!

Con Amor,

Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. I think I can call you at the airport on Wednesday.

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