Monday, November 14, 2011

Dustin's November 14 Letter with Pictures

2011 November 14
Dear Mom,
Glad you had a good week and that you all stayed safe. I am sure that the new china hutch is very exciting. Where are you planning on putting it? That`s exciting to know that it has already snowed there. I guess you`re all in for a long winter, eh? I`ll be sure to keep your safety present in my daily prayers. I sent pictures! We had a baptism on Saturday and all went swell and this week was ward conference and I liked it quite a bit. We are striving every day to help the families we are teaching to earn eternal blessing and to find more families too. I am a little jealous that Jordan got to play flag football. I always loved the thanksgiving turkey bowls :) I hope all is well at home and I really enjoy your testimony mom. Thanks for the example you have given me and all the priceless lessons.
Elder Divis
Baptism of Marcelo 
 Elder Divis at the Temple in Lima
Baptism of Nadia (Marcelos mom)

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