Monday, November 28, 2011

Dustin's November 28 Letter with Picture

2011 November 28
Dear Mom,
My week was good. Angel Contreras Quispe was baptized on Saturday! It was a great service. I will try to send pictures but right now it is not letting me :( To answer questions first: I think the name Carter Dustin Brinck amazing! My investigators... some are doing great, others good, others ok, and some bad. But we`re gonna focus in the great and good. There is the family Chavez that has been coming to church for the last 3 weeks and will get married in December and baptized. We just got to hope and pray the papers get here in time. Other families are also doing well and I will do my best to do my duty and help them come unto Christ. My companion.... I don`t really have words for it but we are going to get better. He is just a very stubborn child who didn`t finish high school cause he doesn`t like to be told what to do or how to do it. Makes it a little hard to teach him anything, but we`ll find a way. We will find a way. As for Christmas, the only thing that I would love is two (or more) big bottles of Sweet Baby Ray`s BBQ sauce. Other than that, there isn`t anything of great need. One pair of my shoes ( the Eccos) are destroyed, but I heard that all Eccos have a two year warranty that if you send a picture of your shoes destroyed for natural causes they will send you a new pair for free to anywhere in the world. If you could investigate that issue I can send a picture. But for now I am fine with shoes, the Rockports are troopers and my boots will last a lifetime.
I am glad and happy to hear of all the holiday festivities. It makes me happy to know that all is well back home and permits me to work hard all week and never worry about home. The pictures are great!!! The letters you send get here in about 10 days and I get them every week or every other week (or I WOULD get them) Haha ha. And here in Lima I can get what I need and the mail gets here way faster than in the jungle. I hope I answered all the questions, and if not let me know.
I am so happy to be on a mission and I love being in the service of God. The Peruvian people are awesome and have earned a place in my heart forever. The Lord Jesus Christ lives and nothing will stop Him from accomplishing the work and the glory. I love you Mom
Elder Dustin Divis

P.S. When you see Riley Peper tell him I say hi. I tried to send a picture. Let me know if you got it.

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