Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dustin's November 21st Letter

2011 November 21
Hope all is well. My week went well. I now have a new companion, Elder Ñurinda. He is from Nicaragua, and has 3 months in the mission. He is very shy and doesn`t talk much, especially in front of people. A little bit of a problem cause that`s kinda what we do all day every day, but we`re working on it :) Grandma wrote me and I ask her if Riley Peper got back from his mission in Oklahoma. If you find out I would love to know. The time is flying by and I am taking all the advice that I can get. Dad wrote me last week and I learned a lot from what he communicated with me. I love being a missionary and teaching families is the greatest. This Saturday Angel Contreras will be baptized. He is super excited and even brought his kid to church yesterday. A family will hopefully get married on December 17th. We are just waiting for their birth certificates to arrive, but they are ready to get married and baptized as a family. I`ll be sure to keep you updated. Well, I think that is about all for this week. But I was studying this week and I learned a ton about one of the most precious gifts we have from God, the Holy Ghost. The feeling, thoughts and impressions that he gives us are undeniable, and unforgettable. I love what we learn from God the Father, and Jesus Christ in Doctrine and Covenants. I learned a ton from sections 6, 9 and 10, and, well all the scriptures. We must learn to Recognize and follow this promptings and become attuned to the spirit and he will lead, guide and protect us in all things spiritual and temporal. Today in the morning we went to drop off our clothes and I always bring my keys and a little bit of money, and I will tell you the rest next week.
Elder Divis

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